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Development Update

I'm excited to announce that we've taken on some new team members, and have really improved both the front and backend! When choosing which news sources to pull from, we decided to use AP News, as we believed their reputation as a relatively non-biased news agency would be important for building our model. We're also introducing a new feature to the Newsphere which we're calling the timeline, which enables users to view all articles within a particular edge within a certain period of time. By zooming in and out of this timeline, users can decide what level at which they want to view each edge.

Brief Update

An update on the Newsphere. We've begun developing the UI, and playing with different ways of displaying the data I've collected so far. The best approach I believe would be to utilize a graph containing nodes and edges, with new articles comprising graph edges.

Welcome to the Newsphere!

Welcome to the Newsphere, a project of mine which will spatially and temporally graph news. Users will be able to explore this graph, and gain high-level understanding of certain news events. If you have any feedback, you can email me here: Thanks!