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Continue the Conversation with us on Slack

If you're particularly interested in Newsphere and the work going on behind the scenes, we welcome you to join us on Slack. We actively use Slack to solicit feedback and converse with users in a much more intimate way than what is possible via email. Our goal is to foster a strong community of individuals who care about the news and how it is delivered. We believe a great way to build this is via conversations and story telling. If you're interested in joining us, you can continue the conversation on Slack at the following link: Hopefully we'll be chatting with some of you soon!

Seeking Feedback

When you use Newsphere, is there anything you'd like changed? Any features that you feel like are missing? Please let us know. Our goal is to make an easy to use, informative site, and that means hearing from you, the users. Email us at if there is anything you'd like to see changed. Considering the site is still in its early stages, we're anticipating quite a few things that need to be fixed, which is ok! Looking forward to hearing from y'all. - Brandon

The Future of News

Here at Newsphere, we are trying our best to improve how we all consume the news. The trend has already been for news consumption to shift from physical newspapers to online mediums. Yet, with that has come extensive sharing of fake or misleading articles, often on platforms like Facebook. This is especially relevant during elections, when the truth about candidates can often make or break their hopes of winning an election. We are hoping that as we continue to make iterations on our Newsphere website, we'll be able to provide contextualized stories that capture the range of events leading up to the specific story you're researching. We believe news headlines are only as good as the context that is provided for them, which is why we're really passionate about the timeline we've created. It was originally in a horizontal format, however we are currently testing it out as a vertical timeline. Any feedback on this would be greatly appreciated as we're still editing t