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The Full Story: Hong Kong

Since early 2019, massive pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong have challenged China's grip on the prosperous island nation.  Now, in the midst of a global pandemic which diverted international attention and put mass-demonstrations on hold, the situation remains unpredictable. Newspaper tycoon Jimmy Lai is arrested at his office on August 10th under Hong Kong's controversial new state security law.  Photo courtesy of the Associated Press. With a comprehensive timeline of events, we hope to shed some light on how the conflict in Hong Kong has developed recently, where the situation now stands, and where it may be headed next. May After gaining control over its domestic COVID-19 outbreaks, China sought to aggressively reassert itself abroad, starting in Hong Kong with the proposal of new, wide-reaching national security legislation.  When hundreds took to the streets on May 24th to protest the proposal, Police fired on them with tear gas.   Two days later on t

5 Months into a Pandemic

5 Months into a Pandemic An update to my March 6th post On March 6th of this year, I made my first medium post. It was in the early stages of the pandemic here in the United States and I felt the need to share my initial thoughts with the information available at that time. Unfortunately, the number of cases and deaths have exploded since then, and after a brief plateau, we are now experience a new surge in cases. As promised, I’d like to share my thought on what I think we can expect over the next few months, with a focus on economic and social trends. To start, it’s important to understand what brought us to where we are today. Using the interactive timeline provided by Newsphere , the snowball effect of the pandemic becomes quite clear. However, we appear to be at a crossroads. While some areas of the globe, like New Zealand and much of Europe, have at the moment “flattened the curve”, the United States has at best plateaued in terms of daily new cases. Economically, there has been