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AP News Discussion

We just had a call with a representative of A.P News to discuss what challenges they face when trying to sift through all of the news headlines and what methods they currently use to spread their content on the web. This talk has helped us refine our target market and continue to improve the Newsphere. Exciting things to come!

Joining the Newsphere

My name is Brandon Musto and I joined the Newsphere team in the beginning of September, 2019. As a student at Brandeis University studying business and history, I have always had a fascination with how both areas intersect. When I first joined the team, I was amazed with Newsphere and it’s potential to revolutionize the way we consume news. A big part of making Newsphere work as best as possible is understanding what the market is and who would benefit the most from our website, which I hope to help with over the course of the next few months.